QLC 2019- a student’s perspective

#QLC19 By Maryam Al Sada and Taraf Jaro   The weekend of QLC has been continuously remembered as one filled with inspiration, motivation, and passion for creating change. Students and teachers alike, come in knowing that they will leave with new-found purpose, passion, and determination that will hopefully help them play a significant part in

Climate Change- turning up the heat

THIMUN Qatar Youth put UN in the hot seat with hard hitting questions from THIMUN Qatar Youth to Deputy Executive Secretary of the UN Fund for Climate Change UNFCC, Mr Ovais Sarmad, and Ms Claribel Puga and Mr. Miguel Naranjo from the UNFCC secretariat. As a testament to the UN’s engagement with Youth Voice, Mr

Youth and Obesity

By Maryam Al Sada, malsadaqlc@thimunqatar.org Hungry? Three taps on your phone and a piping hot delicious delivery is 30 minutes away. Seems easy and helpful right? Yea, well, not until you discover that nearly half the students in Qatar are considered overweight and around a quarter are shockingly considered obese. Obesity in Qatar  Dr. Taheri,


By Taraf Jaro and Maryam Al Sada 25 years have passed since Arabs and Israeli’s established the Oslo Accords in 1993 that renounced terrorism and violence with the misguided hope to achieve peace in this troubled area of the world. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) recognized Israel’s right to exist, and Israel allowed self-governance for

Student Voice Article 1: The Fight for Human Rights – Qatar Blockade

Maryam Al Sada Whether you follow the news or not,  you must have noticed Qatar being in the headlines. From hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the world’s most popular sports event (YES football fever is coming to Qatar!), to having one of the world’s highest GDP per capita. However, Qatar has lately been in

Public Relations Officer for THIMUN Qatar announced

Youth Voice is the centre of the THIMUN philosophy which works to create educational programs by high school students, for high school students. In an environment that has seen some serious growth in embedding Youth Voice. UN Secretary General António Guterres led a high level meeting on the 24th September 2018 to launch Youth 2030,

Doha College One Day Training Conference IX 2019, supporting Qatar MUN

Doha College’s One Day Training Conference IX ran on Saturday 23rdof March 2019. This conference was an annual training day and the first conference in Qatar to welcome Middle School Delegates; training the future of MUN, today. The theme of the conference was Securing an Ever-Evolving World; with issues around shocking current, yet antiquated global

Middle School MUN Qatar 2019

Article written by Janna Boraei Middle School MUN-Q is a conference held annually for all middle school students in the spring. For the past year, the THIMUN-Q office has been working towards making the conference bigger than ever by connecting even more with the young students. MSMUN-Q 2019 will hold committees centered around 12 Sustainable

Stafford Sri Lankan MUN 2019; Celebrating Qatar MUN

My mind-set about history turned around, and I discovered things that I would’ve never gotten to research about if it weren’t for this day Crisis Committee of Stafford Sri Lankan MUN 2019 A harmless conversation between three keen activists blossomed into realization of what had been fizzing for almost three years but hadn’t quite taken