3 Reasons You Should Have Faith in Humanity

“The world is a dreary place.”

3 reasons 1

Everything we do seems to revolve around people who have died, people in the process of dying and people who we prophesize will die. You, delegates, know this better than anyone else. More than once life appears to be this endless path of eternal downs and we find us asking ourselves: why even both

er? Could it be that humanity is not as screwed up as we imagine it to be? Because every time we lose faith a calamity hits us and we are forced to have hope. And here is why:

1.Because a majority of the world’s countries (138 to be exact) have declared their desire for peace by upgrading the status of Palestine to a non-member observer state, thus initiating the possibility of peace talks!

3 reasons 2

2.Because when in need, the international community is always ready to help. The victims of Typhoon Bopha, a storm proven to be twice as deadly as Hurricane Sandy, will in the next couple of months rely on the aid given by the ‘grace’ of other countries. On the 10th of December the UN launched

3.Because nobody gets left behind! The UN World Food Program in the last year distributed flour, oil, beans, salt, sugar, bread to over 115,000 malnourished people! a global appeal for $65 million. The next day the Australian Government donated $5 million.

The fact is that mankind will always continue to surprise us. When the time comes, we set aside our differences for the greater good. Perhaps it is time to skip the pain and head straight to the solutions.

By: Marika Mascarenhas

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