Does Iran Have the Right to Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy has its pros and cons, but when crunch time arrives.

“Should we allow a developing country such as Iran access to nuclear power?”

Among the most positive aspects of nuclear energy is the reduction of global warming. Nuclear energy reduces the risk of global warming. Nuclear energy supplies are much
more plentiful in contrast to the depleting fossil fuels. As well as acquiring various positive aspects, nuclear energy also poses a variety of negative risks on the economy and the environments among them.As nuclear energy is fairly new, many countries have yet to move on from traditional methods. In fact, more money will be spent installing nuclear power plants than healthcare.Iran’s pursuit of nuclear energy has raised eyebrows in Washington and has set the military on alert in Israel. A nuclear Iran is a very dangerous proposition that could easily lead to a nuclear war. According to the New York Times, Iran has denied plans to use nuclear energy for harmful means. They claim that they will utilize the energy to help with their developing country in terms of replacing oil with electricity. In accordance to Iran’s history, the benefits and limitations, do you think that Iran should be given the right to nuclear energy?

By: Hannah Akhtar


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