Meet the Executive Team

Article 6-5

Briefly describe your position in MUN this year.

 My position is very extensive! I get to work with Student Officers, Administrators, the Press Team and make sure that everything is going according to plan. However, my

What does the conference aim to achieve this year?
responsibility this year is to lead the conference and    ensure all procedures are flowing correctly.

My aim is to make this a successful and memorable conference. I hope that the delegates consider what learned in committee rooms and be inspired to make a change within their communities.

What does governance mean to you?

Governance is about providing the right leadership for each nation, depending on their governmental system. A government is the main, if not the only, actor of Governance. When a country is experiencing violent acts and protests, the ”ideal governance” would immediately find a solution and put an end to these acts.

Article 6-4



What does the admin team do?

As admins/ heads we are expected to remain in control of everything occurring before, throughout, and after the conference. This includes preparing tickets for the social events, placing country placards, and even helping delegates find their way around the conference centre to ensure the conference runs smoothly.

 How are you able to manage between handling the admins on one end and your studies on another?

Honestly, it’s quite stressful because the admin team is so big and as a head I must always attend all meetings and keep all the admins up to date with their tasks, as well as deliver updates to executives and directors. Being an admin head requires responsibility and coordination and so I am thankfully able to manage it all.

Article 6-3




What inspired your interest in MUN?

I first became interested in MUN in my freshman year of high school. Even before this, I was involved in global issues, and I constantly kept up with the news.

What do you enjoy about the opening and closing


What I like most is that everybody is together, so it creates a sense of unity amongst those participating in the conference.

What is governance to you?

Governance to me is a body that treats everyone equally.

Article 6-2




What do you do as the President of the General Assembly?

As President, I’m in charge of the six General Assembly Committees. I make everything function properly and ensure the student officers are comfortable and able to deal with any issues. I also, along with my Deputy President, announce the opening and closing ceremonies in addition to plenary sessions.

How has THIMUN helped you grow as a person?

My first time at a conference, I was the chair of GA5. It gave me a lot of confidence because I was required to have lots of leadership skills and I learned that taking charge of the committees is not easy. It was a learning experience that I recently benefitted from because I have been able to put forward these skills in the past ten months in preparation for the Qatar THIMUN 2013 Conference. I’m really looking forward to the conference and guarantee it will be amazing!

Article 6-6

What positions have you held in MUN?

 Last year I was the President of the Environmental Commission. This year I am the Deputy Secretary General of Student Officers.

What is your main job?

 My primary job is to be in charge of the Student Officers. This includes creating a student officer manual or guide prior to the start of the conference. I also conduct a series of training workshops for the student officers. When the conference starts, my job then is to go from committee to committee to ensure that every Student Officer follows the rules and procedures of THIMUN Qatar.

What does ‘governance’ mean to you?

To me, ‘governance’ means the exertion of power in an equal and just manner.

Article 6-1




What has MUN done for you?

MUN has given me vital leadership skills. I’ve learnt a lot of skills that allow me to function in conferences. MUN has also given me a broader outlook on issues of the world.

What has been your favorite part about participating in big conferences such as THIMUN?

Definitely meeting new people, getting to communicate with them, and learning different views on today’s issues.

What does Governance mean to you?

Governance to me is just controlling the issues we have today. There are many issues in the world and the great thing about MUN is that as students, we are able to talk about it and come up with resolutions to these issues. Governance to me is trying to tackle the issue and solve them effectively.





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