Message from the editors

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the second annual THIMUN Qatar conference. We are both absolutely thrilled to be leading this year’s THIMUN Press Team, and are anticipating the excitement of the conference. After five consecutive years in the press team, this is our last. We are proud to end this journey as executives. We hope you all enjoy this conference, and we wish you a successful and rewarding time here. We ask you to keep our press issues at heart and cherish them as a memory of all the exhilarating events that occurred in THIMUN. To the rest of our Press Team, we are leaving our legacy to you, which wouldn’t have been possible without your interest and undivided attention towards our newsletters. Thank you for your loyalty and abundance of ideas towards our issues. Good luck to everyone attending THIMUN, and we hope you make the best out of this conference.

-Rana and Lana

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