Positive Change Through MUN


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What is your goal as a filmmaker?

My goal is to change the world, any change as long as it is positive change. I would like to shift the world a hundred and eighty degrees if not more.Through making documentaries and MUN I have met a lot of people. People who have inspired me,people who had put the sleep out of my eyes for days, and people who have altered my being.


Which one of your films do you think was most inspiring?

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The most inspiring moments of all stem from thelast documentary I made called Stray Dreams: Migrant Workers United. One of the workers from my film who works in Oman said, “I am now responsible for six people, I give them moneythey eat, I don’t they die, they just die. That’s what I think about.” Now, I foolishly asked him, “Why don’t you just go back

lived in along with the other migrants, who shared similar stories, had no electricity or water. He was mentally, physically, and economically broken. I don’t know what more you can do to a man to break him. From that moment forward I have 
continued the chase for ways in which I can benefit these people. The documentary I made has gained a lot of recognition and sympathy, and I am currently in the process of putting together a campaign for them. home.” And he said, “How? I don’t have money.” Since then, I have been attempting to alter the paradigm of migrant workers in the city I currently reside in. I have covered the expenses of one of the migrant workers traveling back to his country from my film but I am planning to do more. This particular person was asked to pay 98,000 Rupees to come here and work in Qatar, he wanted to raise money for his poor family, but he was struck with human greed and avarice. He was told that the money he paid was for food and accommodation expenses, but after working in Qatar his sponsor, which he’s never seen, did not give him his salary for the work he had done. The house that he


What were the reactions that this film received?

The reactions I’ve received from people were phenomenal. In fact I have got a group of students from Bahrain fundraising money in their school for these workers. After the screening of my film at the Qatar Leadership Conference and after speaking about it in one of my workshops, I’ve received a lot of Facebook messages and emails of people who want to help. I got recognition from people who had connections at Al-Jazeera News Network. Three individuals approached me and asked me to send them a copy of my film to try to get Al Jazeera involved. This has taught me that people can be moved when presented with the plight of others.

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