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Hello THIMUN Delegates! Here I am, the THIMUN Guru: watching over you from the many eyes in the back of my head. I’m back, blending in with the crowd of over a thousand people. What is a Guru? (For those who haven’t heard of me!) Well, as Urban Dictionary defines: “a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern.” You’ve guessed it! I’m here to guide you through the basic fundamentals of this conference!


1. Don’t bring food into the center. We are not brutes and we will feed you.

2. The Guru can’t seem to stress the importance of this rule: no chewing gum allowed! It harbors disease…

3. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something” – keep this in mind during the debates.

4. Remember; use the bathroom when debates aren’t in session… this advice – golden!

5. Finally, more important than the previous tip, always speak with absolute confidence! This will help you get your point across clearly, which you’ll find to be very important.

Drawing By: Prathamesh Aher and Alia Hijaab

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