Uniting Nations Through Revolution & Sport

Sport Revolution article“Revolution”

Negative connotations are often associated with the word ‘revolution.’ Many of us think  apart; however, what we fail to see is how it reunites a country. Revolutions cause massive damage on a country in terms of infrastructure and political reputation. Although governments often refuse to look at what they have done till its citizens show a public act of violence, this does not change the fact that it reunites the people of a country. Revolutions engender this by making everyone an equal whether rich, poor, homeless, jobless, from the North or South. Whatever the issue is, the country’s people are together and are forced to work as one to defeat a common problem. We have seen countries rebound successfully on many different occasions. Two great examples are Egypt and especially Libya, having had a longer time to recover from turmoil. Llywelyn Lehnert for the British Council arrived in Tripoli in time for the one-year anniversary of the revolution and said “What I saw was a country remembering a country celebrating,honoring its martyrs, and rejoicing the fact that a tyrant had fallen.” She also stated: “Months later and I now have a sense of what passes for ‘normality’ in Tripoli. There is traffic police, rubbish is (usually) collected, and the schools are open six days a week, so pupils can catch up after a year away. These are clear signs that Libyans have become more united than ever. Although revolutions have many disadvantages, there is one clear advantage which is reuniting the people of a country.


Sport in the London 2012 Olympic Games is another prime example of how countries can be united. A nation’s citizens unify and support their countries sport team. In the Olympics, each country has many teams and solo competitors which other nations come to support. Football is the world’s most popular sport with over two-hundred countries participating. It plays a significant part in the culture and spirit of some countries, like Spain and Brazil. Many people in these countries are passionate about football , uniting to support their team against the opposition. In football tournaments or competitions the people of a nation are united more as winning means your country gains recognition, respect, glory and it gives the people of a country a sense of pride for their nation. From revolution to sport, there are a variety of different reasons that can make a nation united. The people of Libya, Egypt and many other countries united during the Arab spring to fight for their ideals. In sports, countries come together to support their nation’s teams, uniting as on

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