Can Hurricane Sandy Reunite Divided America?


The East coast of the US was left in chaos after the worst recorded hurricane, Sandy, raged through 24 states leaving thousands of homes destroyed and over 100 deaths. The acres of land damaged took its toll on the economy and left a new challenge for the candidates of the 2012 presidential elections. The fight between Liberalism and Conservatism built a barrier of strong opinions between voters as debates ensued. They came to a halt as the unanticipated storm demanded major changes in response to the disaster. Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama remained sensitive to election setbacks as they declared Sandy’s effects a ‘major disaster’. With 6 days to election day, Obama suspended campaigns to determine response to the superstorm with Governor Christie of New Jersey and Andrew Cuomo, Government of New York.

“People and the candidates to unite in hopes to rebuild and conquer the loses.”

In order to stimulate elections, state governments aimed to recover and resume voting. Governor Chris Christie mandated 12 counties with gas rationing to alleviate stress on gas stations. However, the solution proved incapable of providing to those stranded and unable to pay for gas. Nevertheless new policies were implicated which helped overcome the setbacks. For the first time in New Jersey, people were able to vote through e-mail or fax. Additionally, polling places were relocated to where voters were able to access. Carpooling was also greatly encouraged and allowed people to save gas while attending elections. This massive impact had indeed caused people and the candidates to unite in hopes to rebuild and conquer the losses. The extreme views of candidates had little status in the face events as people came together to decide the highly crucial issue of a future president. It can only be described as the ‘Silver Lining’ to a major catastrophe.

By: Vanlee Trindade

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