Conservention Center

Recycling Resize

Walk into the bathrooms at the Qatar National Convention Center. Go on.

As soon as you walk in, motion detectors sense your presence and turn on the lights – quite a way to save energy! Pretty cool, right? This is a part of the building’s energy conservation system. As you make your way around the venue, you will realize there are many aspects of this program set in motion.

You may have taken a trip on the escalators and noticed that they don’t move until you’re near them! A column placed just in front of the escalators has a little black panel that knows (it just knows) when you’re standing, waiting to go up. Everything is so technologically advanced now, aimed to save as much energy and water as possible – the taps, soap dispensers, and paper towel vendors all work on motion detectors. Also, the toilets flush by themselves when you walk away from them. Now that’s pretty convenient!

If you’re looking around for a trash can, you won’t find one. They were an abundance last year and were not very eco-friendly. What is ‘in’ now are recycling bins. There are three slots – one for your paper, one for plastic and one for general disposal (organic items, basically). These items will be resurrected as something else later. The coolness just doesn’t stop.

So remember, follow the motto of the QNCC and save our environment and resources: “Reduce, re-use, recycle!”

By Tala Ezedien
Photo by: Haya Al-Mana

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