Positive Change Through MUN

Joy Atrach: THIMUN Press Team Editor

My name is Joy Atrach. I am half American half Palestinian. I have been in Qatar for 9 years. This is my first year doing THIMUN. I am an editor for the THIMUN Press Team. I have raised awareness and built a HIV/AIDS clinic in Ghana.

AIDS is an epidemic in LEDCs worldwide, it is time for someone to stop this silent killer. Someone like Joy Atrach, a student at the American School of Doha. She has initiated a project to raise money and awareness to HIV/AIDS. She built a HIV/ AIDS clinic in Ghana, through effective fundraisers such as bake sales and car washes. Joy is an inspiration to us all, she shows us that it is possible for anyone to instigate change.

What MUN skills have inspired you?
I was always aware about the situation in Ghana and about HIV/AIDS around the world. But I believe that MUN has given me the final push I needed to take part in the project.

How have these skills helped in raising awareness and building a clinic for HIV/AIDS? Is there a way in which MUN has enabled you to do this?
MUN has improved my researching and advertising skills which really helped me when it came down to creating and promoting this project. MUN played a large role in helping me do this project.

Why have you chosen to help specifically with HIV/ AIDS?
I attended a Global Issues conference in Abu Dhabi, a speaker was talking about how he helped orphans. After the conference I spoke to him and he asked me to join his project and try to raise money for this cause. Through this I helped in building the clinic for HIV/ AIDS in Ghana.

How have you raised all the money?
We did basic fundraising through my school like bake sales and car washes. I also received donations.

How much money have you raised in total?
In total, me and my team have raised 7000 QR.

What happens to the money that you raise? Why have you chosen this place?
The money goes to Elvis (the supervisor), he then takes it and puts the money into building the clinic in Ghana, where he was initially helping.


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