To Use Or Not To Use: Drone Aircraft and its Potential Dangers

The US, Russia, Iran, China, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Turkey and India; these are just some of the nations currently using drone aircrafts. The UN began taking initial steps in using unarmed drones, in order to protect civilians from rebel attacks, in developing nations especially on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was sparked in November of 2012, after a rebel group took hold of Goma, a key province of the nation. The UN has stated that drones will not be used unless that particular government agrees to the act. Although nations such as the UK, US and France agree, some nations oppose UN intervention. Congo’s neighbor, Rwanda, greatly opposes the use of drones monitoring borders citing claims of possible interference with their government intelligence. In addition, use of drones raises ethical questions. The United States has relied on drones in the “War on Terror.” However, in nations such as Pakistan, civilian casualties have amounted to nearly 1000. The UN understands this danger and are now investigating America’s possible over-use of drones. When the delegate of the United 7 States was asked if drone aircrafts were dangerous, the delegate highlighted that the matter was not in “black and white.” The delegate regretted the number of casualties, but emphasized the possible threat of even more deaths if drones were not used to monitor terror attacks. The misuse of drones lies on a very fine line. The UN has seen this evidently in the civilian deaths brought about by US drone strikes. Will the UN ensure that unarmed drones won’t cause future danger to the innocent?

By: Caroline Nunn

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