Capital Punishment: “teaching that killing is wrong by killing”

Humanity has continually witnessed violations of the most basic human right, the right to live.
Due to debates over capital punishment, governments are often the most controversial violators of this human right.

The concept of human rights has become a contradiction by taking the life of a convict, which can be granted or denied based on the whims of the government. Additionally, many argue that one can forfeit human rights for murderers; that the death penalty is the best form of retribution. Yet, a serious question arises now, what if the convict is truly innocent?

Amnesty International declares “the death penalty legitimizes an irreversible act of violence by the state that will claim innocent victims.” Since 1973, 130 executed American convicts were exonerated. The simple fact is that as the human race, the persecution of the innocent is inevitable. Sentencing a person to death is equivalent to granting absolution. However, sentencing a person to life imprisonment, without the chance of parole is a better way of forcing a convict to face the horror and reality of the crimes they committed.

The world is polarized between those who support capital punishment and those who are against it. However, one cannot “teach that killing is wrong by killing.” Death simply does not permit the time.

By: Marika Mascarenhas
Photo By: Raneem Hallawa

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