Interview with Noor Al-Thani, Coordinator of the Film Institute

1. Can you give us a little background information about yourself?
Sure! My name is Noor Al-Thani, and I’m the coordinator of the Film Institute. This year, the Film Institute has organized participants into groups of three and four, where each group created a documentary on the THIMUN Qatar Conference. The documentaries focus on the occurrences of the conference, and what it is all about. Basically, it acts as an advertisement for THIMUN Qatar.

2. The majority of the participants in this conference are delegates, and they aim to bring change through discussion. In your opinion, what is the most interesting part of making movies? Do you feel this is more effective than solely using words?
I think it is important to recognize that there are different kinds of people. Some individuals find the use of words more effective in conveying a message. The Film Institute practices another form of spreading awareness; we spread messages through the eyes. My personal stance is that individuals should try to learn both vocal and filmmaking skills to raise awareness on world issues more effectively.

3. How has your experience as coordinator inspired you?
My role as coordinator has opened my eyes to the role of media, and its great influence on society. In fact, before this conference, I wasn’t aware of how significant the role of media is in spreading ideas, and raising awareness on issues.

4. What have your experiences in MUN taught you?
Personally, having all these different positions, I learnt how to cooperate with others. More importantly, MUN has taught me to view issues from different points of view, as well as leadership and public speaking skills.

5. Do you feel as though participants truly have the power to raise awareness on real issues, using the skills that they have learnt?
Definitely. I think the skills you learn from the Film Institute are different to what you may learn as a delegate. However, whether you learn speaking and debating skills, leadership skills, or film-making skills, THIMUN will help participants contribute to society via these newly acquired skills.

By: Lolwa Al-Theyab

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