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Kerry-­Anne McNamara

My name is Kerry-­Anne McNamara, I am Deputy-­President of SPC1 and I am 18 years old. I have lived in Doha for 9 years and go to Park House English School where I have planned many fundraisers to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

One in every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common killer of women globally. Few countries establish policies and health care for those diagnosed with breast cancer (A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia). We need to make a change, but Kerry-Anne Mc- Namara, a student at Park House English School in Qatar, already has. Kerry-Anne created an annual event that raises money and awareness towards breast cancer.

How did you succeed in raising the money for this cause?

I’ve raised the money with the amazing help of my fellow students at Park House English School. Every year, I plan a Pink Day in which everyone makes a do- nation to wear pink. We have even had students shaving off their hair or remaining silent for a full week to raise awareness. The combined efforts has helped us raise significant donations to help the fight for a cure.

Why have you chosen to raise awareness for breast cancer rather than any other illness?

It is almost impossible to determine which illness to raise awareness for. I, however, was personally inspired to raise money and awareness for breast cancer because of my family and friends who have fought through the disease. What I found with fundraising was that focusing on one illness makes people more aware of how vulnerable we truly are. Taking better care of yourself and others has a positive knock-on effect and fighting towards breast cancer can also raise awareness of other harmful diseases such as diabetes or other forms of cancer.

I am motivated by the work my aunt has done over the years to raise awareness and donations to help find a cure, and the people close to myself that have been affected by breast cancer.

“We have even had students shaving off their hair or remaining silent for a full week to raise awareness.”

How much money have you raised towards this cause in total?

In total we’ve raised just over QR 60,000 for Breast Cancer.

Where does the money you have raised go and why have you chosen this organization?

The money I raise with the help of my school gets sent to Breast Cancer Awareness Scotland. Funds like this one are used by myself and the others because the majority of donations are used to find a cure, and very little of the donations are used in the administration of the organization.

Photo By: Maysam Al-Ani

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