The Development of South Sudan

South Sudan
The independence of South Sudan on the 9th of July 2011 has left the country with an abundance of natural gas and oil. As a developing country, the nation lacks knowledge on the issue of sustainable progress where a considerable amount of social and environmental changes are needed in order to save the degrading resources.

In an attempt to aid the South Sudanese president, Silva Kiir Mayardit, the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) has stepped in. After recently becoming the 193rd member of the UN, many of its sub-organizations have worked towards aiding the people and implementing changes to society. Due to the incredible amount of waste-dumping and pollution, UNEP was faced with the concern of education where, according to The Guardian News and Media, 27% of the adult population is illiterate.

As a main source of income to the underdeveloped nation, South Su- dan was forced to exploit its fertile lands. A lack of infrastructure is a growing concern, leading this war torn country faced with the obstacle of establishing stability and harmony.

The lack of funds and social issues has become a major problem as it affects the already weak economy, disallowing investment into sustainable development

UNEP has promoted many new workshops and campaigns such as “Keep South Sudan Green” and “Village Help for South Sudan,” in hopes of educating indigenous citizens about their local environment as well as providing solutions, educational programs, and improved lifestyles.

This issue was debated earlier today where delegates urged nations to pass a resolution upon the use of green energy.

Although the solution is efficient and eco-friendly, South Sudan requires a gradual development through business sectors in order to pro- vide a long term change

South Sudan requires a social change in order to progress economically. The UN’s constant involvement and investment of over $38 million into South Sudanese development has allowed for a gradual improvement. South Sudan has yet to experience the benefits of her independence.

By: Vanlee Trinidad

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