The Secret Life of Admin

Admin Resize
Admin staff are omnipresent, setting up behind the scenes and overseeing logistics in a calm and cool manner. They are the backbone of THIMUN Qatar, so what do the admin staff do?

At the Film Institute, this is the third time Muneera has been an admin at THIMUN and her job is to direct other admins and check that everything is in order and providing the correct equipment for the film institute. Ziad Abuissa is also an admin in the film institute. Under Muneera’s command he helps along with the other admins in setting up equipment.

Alia Al-Khater is here at THIMUN Qatar for the second time, currently as Deputy Head of the Disarmament Commision. She directs the other admin staff to set up chairs and tables for the debates. During the debates, Admin staff pass notes around and supervise to make sure it’s sessions run smoothly.

What Do Admin Staff Enjoy Most About THIMUN Qatar?
Every admin interviewed agreed that meeting new people was the best thing about the conference. Alia, 16, said that the “social aspect” was what she liked about the conference. Beruk, 16, also liked the social side of the conference but also said that “It’s great to be part of a bigger community.”

By: Toby Gould

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