Hello there fellow students,

As I write this I’m hoping you had a wonderful first two days… I know I did! The Thimun Guru approves the spectacular outfits that you are all wearing today; this could seriously turn into a successful fashion show.

1 To the ladies wearing heels, feel free to welcome the wonderful blisters – their destination, your feet. Remember, don’t take your shoes off no matter what; we don’t want the scent of the room to change.
2 To the men in suits, you have come prepared! The Thimun Guru has scientifically proved that men in suits are more attractive.

3 To the man with the marvelous moustache, you’re too awesome for words!

4 Just a reminder, do not sing to yourself if you happen to get bored during the debate because 9 times out of 10 you will not, unfortunately, sound like Beyoncé.

5 Back to the important subject, my quote of the day for all the delegates is “Act smart, look smart, even if you aren’t smart.”

Yours truly,
The Thimun Guru

Photo by: Alia Hijaab and Prathamesh Aher, Raneem Hallawa

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