What would you do if the spider came to life?

“Get a ride home” (Oswin, Qatar Academy)

“Make my own video” (Weshal, Qatar International School)

“I am the spider’s dad, together we would rule the world” (Zohaq, Qatar Academy)

“Get to high ground, get fire extinguishers chuck them at the spider, then try to get underneath the spider” (Joshua and Freddie , Doha College)

“Take its babies and run” (Sara, UIS Kuwait)

“Team up with it, destroy everything and then pet it” (Fozan, Al Khor International School)

“I would bravely pick you up, and feed you to it” (Bowe, Qatar Academy Teacher)

“Hide in the bathroom, fight it with my heels” (Clotilde, American School of Doha)

Photo By: Alia Hijaab

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