Visions of a Leader

IMG_4171Leaders have become a stereotype. Every time we picture a leader we imagine an excellent orator, with a commanding voice and a strong will. But is that all it takes? Lecturing a crowd of people in hopes that they’ll follow you?Is that what a leader is? Well, the simple answer to that is no. You wont turn into Alexander the Great by simply yelling at a crowd of strangers (believe me, I tried and I do not recommend it), and that will just make you look like a bossy and arrogant lunatic. You can be as authoritative as you want to be, but a leader is nothing without their vision. As we start our journey through the Qatar Leadership Conference of 2013, we start to explore the role of having a vision in leadership.
A vision. A drive. That’s what separates the leaders from the followers. An idea, so innovative that will make people glue their eyes and ears to whatever the leader is saying. Would the March of Washington during the Civil Rights Movement have succeeded if Martin Luther King Jr. did not have a vision to end racial discrimination in the USA? Would Nelson Mandela have been able to influence a divided country without his dream of an apartheid free South Africa? All it takes is one idea that sets you out from the rest and an extraordinary vision and belief that you can, and will succeed. If you have these qualities above, consider becoming a leader.

We need leaders, not just a ‘superior’ to dictate to us what to do, but a leader that can exploit our true human potential. A person that inspires us to be the best that we can be, to do the best that we can achieve, to aspire towards the greatest version of ourselves. That’s what makes a good leader.

A leader has to stand for something and symbolize the hope that “maybe we can do this?” and “Maybe we can succeed?” because that’s what society is after, not a person, but an idea. A hope that we can do better, that we can change, that we can improve for the best.

That’s what a leader is, not an entity, but an idea, a vision. A vision that can be fulfilled to the fullest extent of benefiting the followers that so greatly trust this vision and idea. So while you’re undergoing your journey through this year’s conference, remember, a leader is only as good as the vision they symbolize, the promise they hold, and the hope that they deliver. May you all find your vision during this year’s and welcome to the Qatar Leadership Conference of 2013.

By: Sarra Hamid