The 2013 Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a skill that is not gained, but learnt from experience. This year at the Qatar Leadership Conference that will be held in Georgetown University in Qatar from the 26th – 28th of September will bring in speakers from Qatar and around the world. Learning is through experiencing and these speakers are volunteering to provide workshops on different aspects relating to leadership like Performance in Debating: How to use your Body and Voice in Public, and Build Ideas Spontaneously by Sara Hübner, a qualified theatre practitioner who had co-founded Münich’s “Bake this”, an English improvisation group. Speaker Alain Meidinger is the co-chair of the THIMUN foundation board, as well as being chairperson of the French MUN. He has a master’s degree in both History and Geography having graduated from the University of Bordeaux. Alain will provide a workshop on Understanding Basic UN Vocabulary.

Some of the other workshops and presentations are on a more personal level like Carl Wilkens’ presentations on Rwanda Today Miraculous Recovery and Eyewitness Stories from the Rwandan Genocide will no longer follow a thought but how it had occurred. Wilkens was living in Rwanda when the genocide began, but he refused to leave in order to provide food, water and shelter to the orphans that he had built relationships with as time went on. Moreover, both him and his wife founded a non-profit organization whose aims is to raise awareness about genocide and intolerance called World Outside My Shoes. Additionally, Wilma Derksen, whose daughter was abducted and murdered in 1984, led to her advocating the forgiveness of political leaders. She has since influenced students around the world about her story. Her workshops, Leaders forgive and Restorative Justice, touch on both a personal and political level. Derksen will be advocating forgiveness through her story.

Students as well as faculty from all over Qatar will be joining the conference as speakers and workshop creators. There are several workshops being held by these people such as Cameron Janzen, head of THIMUN Qatar, who will be holding a discussion panel on THIMUN Affiliation Standards; Michelle Barini, a school counselor at Qatar Academy, will be holding a workshop on Writing University Letters; and Lindsay Peak, a MYP humanities teacher at Qatar Academy, who will be holding a workshop on Creating a Successful Press Team. Students from all over Qatar including Wessam Kanes, Basel Hindi and Danyal Adnan from Qatar academy, will be holding workshops on THIMUN Qatar Student Officer Training and Delegating Like a Boss. Other workshops include: A Chairing Crash Course by Doha College students Ahmed Al Hayalee and Abhinav Mohan, as well as many others. This conference focuses on the collaborative process between the whole country and the world whether it be students, faculty or guest speakers, because without everybody there would be no Leadership Conference.

By: Haya Al-Thani