A Night to Remember


With the first day of QLC behind us, presenters, students, and staff alike finally got a chance to kick back and relax in the dreamy green lights of the Reception dinner in Carnegie Mellon University’s reception hall. The hall was filled with chatter, clatter of utensils, and food, glorious food. The dinner was kicked off with our MC and Deputy Secretary General Shakeer Ahmad followed by an inspirational speech by guest speaker Susan Pak regarding her experiences with leaders in business and film. The final speech was an inspirational talk from the British Ambassador, Nicolas Hopton. Hopton gave his personal stories about leadership and how important it is in his life as well as the lives of people that he knows. Afterwards, everyone scrambled to the delectable buffet provided. The room came to life with laughter, music, and good will. After a day of formal workshops, suits, and speeches everyone enjoyed loosening their ties and kicking off their high heels. After socialising, everyone retired to the spacious majlis area on the left side of the hall. Students were scattered around, sitting on pillows, sharing stories about their day and calling their parents to pick them up. With everyone casually lounging after an exciting day of leadership, it was a nice reminder that we are all teenagers just trying to find our way into the future through the art of leadership. QLC has given us an opportunity to find our voice in the world of current events, media, and politics for the purpose of providing the same service to our teenagers of the future.

So next time you’re attending a riveting workshop, just remember, you are the future. Use your time now. Use your leadership powers wisely. Enjoy your second day of the Qatar Leadership conference.

By: Sarra Hamid