A Refreshing Take on a 21st Century Version of THIMUN

DSCF4795O-MUN is an opportunity for students to be involved with the Model United Nations online. It allows students from all over the world to connect with each other through an open environment. Their mission as stated on their website is “to engage all students in the collaborative process of problem solving and consensus building, and to foster leadership and positive engagement through the discussion and debate of the world’s most pressing problems” (“What We Believe…our Vision and Passion.”). Ugbad Kasim who joined O-MUN to due the fact that the Model United Nations wasn’t available at her school in Somalia, and she joined O-MUN while she was at Admas University College.

Kasim, now the assistant director of the Middle East and African Region of O-MUN had held a workshop, teaching people How to set up an O-MUN Club at your School, in which she explained how to work O-MUN and how to set it up. The blog on the website is for the students to “express themselves” talking about debates and related topics. According to Kasim “the most important thing to keep in mind is debate”, another important thing is to “have a logo”, “test your tech” and that “you should have a plan and stick to it”. “Give leadership positions” to the students to make them feel more important.

Kasim said that O-MUN changed her life because if it weren’t for O-MUN she would’ve gotten into trouble for evacuating in order to join a face-to-face MUN before she discovered the online version. “Regardless of who I am, or where I come from” O-MUN was her opportunity to do something she’d wanted to do even if she was over with High school, this gives us all hope that eventually and at the moment your goals will be accomplished.


By: Haya Al-Thani