THIMUN Qatar Student Officer Training

IMG_4781The Hague international Model United Nations, more commonly known as THIMUN, is a five-day conference held simulating a real United Nations conference with 3,500 participants including both teachers and students ranging from over 100 nationalities. Student officers are chairs; they are in charge of taking care of their committee, and things in relation to those responsibilities.

Wessam Kanes, a student from Qatar Academy, is the secretary general. It is the first time she has held a training workshop but had attended the 2012 Leadership Conference also held in Qatar. Which started out with a “Student officer oath to swear their commitment to the THIMUN conference and to make sure that they were going to uphold the procedures”. According to a participant of a previous year’s training session this year they are “trying to make it more fun” to keep the students concentrated and engaged. The session was very much interactive and the training started with an icebreaker as a warm up by asking each person a different question like “what would be your theme song that would play every time you enter a room?” or “what is your favorite band/musician?”

The students were briefed on how THIMUN communication has changed and how to work it themselves. According to Kanes they went through “extensive planning” because they “had to go through the components in making a student officer successful”, this included “the THIMUN rules and procedures that they need to uphold during the conference” and ”the writing of research reports where they investigate the issue that they will be debating in the conference”.

 By: Haya Al-Thani