Writing for the Olive Branch

olive branchConceived at the 2012 Qatar Leadership Conference, the Olive Branch is 9 months old. Born in Doha in January as Middle East Model United Nations Newsletter, the name is revamped and shortened to the Olive Branch on April this year. It marks a collaboration between three different organizations: THIMUN Qatar, O-MUN and Best Delegate. The latter, is a MUN-affiliated organization including media, whose blog is read by more than 350,000 readers worldwide in more than 190 countries.

One of the co-founder, Kevin Felix Chan, held a workshop in hopes to recruit new writers for the newsletter from Qatar and around the region. A graduate of UCLA, Kevin explains the shift he took from Political Science to marketing to co-founding his own company, Best Delegate, with his best friend from high school:

“I have always loved MUN… I was always interested being in the leadership side and management side rather than being a delegate”

So for those of you who might not enjoy being a delegate, you might want to start considering joining the press or climb your way up to be chairs and executives!

One of the perks of being a brand new initiative is the opportunity to grow. Kevin adds that anyone taking part in the Olive Branch will shape its future and be a part of something new and exciting. Talking about the future for the Olive Branch, Kevin was eager to channel different ideas from enthusiastic potential writers in the room.

These ideas includes, Terminologies of MUN; Behind the scenes of a MUN conference; Which MUN conference to attend; Comic strip; How MUN can get you into college; How MUN can help in your future careers; How to overcome a crisis; How to write a good resolution, amongst other things. There was also a eureka when Lindsay Peak, teacher and MUN director at Qatar Academy, suggested “Photo of the month competition” to address the overwhelming press applicants for THIMUN 2014.

Moreover, the Olive Branch serves as a platform for MUN delegates to share their stories, showcase their voice and link the broader MUN community. Why should you write for the Olive Branch? “Well just imagine how amazing it sounds when you write on your college applications ‘I write for the Olive Branch’?” answered Kevin. The audience nods in agreement.

Kevin further adds that anyone is free to write whatever they want, be it personal or educational. Past issues include topics on opposing views such as ‘Should there be a Universal Language?’ and coverage on MUN conferences around the Middle East region. You can also advertise your MUN conference on the Olive Branch!

On another note, you might wonder why is it called the Olive Branch?

“Basically the olive branch … is a symbol of peace and longevity in many religion” – explained Cameron Janzen, Head of THIMUN Qatar.

However, he continued on saying how the olive branch is also a “symbol of lack of peace, in particular, in Palestine where the destruction of olive trees is seen as a powerful symbol of occupation and tension”. Therefore, the Olive Branch symbolizes the peace and conflicts that are happening in our world today.

And there you have it! The platform is there for you to get your stories heard and to showcase the community of your causes and achievements. Now it is up to me and you, as youths, to nurture and grow the Olive Branch – our baby.

For those who want to get involved:

  • Submit article by 30th each month to info@bestdelegate.com
  • No length requirements
  • One accompanying photo required
  • Any style is fine, but bold dividers are recommended

CALL TO ACTION: Write one article about QLC.

Subscribe to the Olive Branch: http://forms.aweber.com/form/84/340096384.htm


By: Afif Haitsam.