Why an Olive Branch?

The Olive Branch, the MUN Newsletter of the Middle Eastern region, would not exist without its community. Its stories, columns, photographs, and inspiration are a culmination of contributions by people like you – students and teachers, whether involved in MUN or not. But most of all, the Olive Branch exists for its readers.

How many stories are occurring every day, every minute, RIGHT NOW, that are not being reported? How many stories are not being shared? What local stories occurring in our own schools and backyards are we ignorant of or missing out on because we simply don’t know where to find them, or simply because no one is writing these stories?

The Olive Branch is for people (like you!) who care about others, on a global and local scale. It’s time to be informed and inform others.

This month’s issue features a plethora of stories and reports covering events from the recent Qatar Leadership Conference to the still relevant and urgent question of Syria.

Take a sneak peak at articles brought to you by our very own THIMUN Qatar Press Team members and directors!
Olive Branch_Page_01
“The Case Against Syrian Intervention”
by Faissal Darwish, THIMUN Qatar Reporter

Eravur: Building a Sustainable Community
by Afif Haitsam, THIMUN Qatar Reporter

The Road Less Traveled: Forgiveness in Leadership
by Sarra Hamid, THIMUN Qatar Deputy Head of Press

“The Press Club”
by Rebecca Cain, THIMUN Qatar Press Director

“The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Telling Stories”
by Lindsay Peak, THIMUN Qatar Press Director

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