Aspiring Doctor & Passionate President (of General Assembly): Meet Numair Mujeeb

Numair Mujeeb is the president of the general assembly and took the time to be interviewed about his role in the THIMUN conference and for the upcoming conference on Sustainable Development.

Photo credit: Jeneane Jaber

As President of General Assembly, Numair Mujeeb is a seasoned MUN-er and has been participating in the club for 4 years. A senior at Qatar Academy, Mujeeb hopes to become a doctor and says that MUN has been influential in pursuing his passion. MUN has not only taught him to become more sociable and approachable, but also aid in his desire of helping people. After attending six or seven conferences, Mujeeb is ecstatic and feeling privileged to finally lead a conference. He thanks the executive team for working so well together and hopes the conference is successful.

By Afif Haitsam