From Shy Middle-Schooler to Bold THIMUN Addict: Meet Nayab Rana, Deputy Secretary General

nayabAfter a hard day’s work, Nayab Rana, the deputy secretary general, graciously smiles at the camera near school friends.

What roles have you been previously committed to before your current one?
In THIMUN Qatar I was a delegate the first year, chair the second, and I have the honor of serving as Deputy Secretary General for my 3rd and last THIMUN conference. Other than that I have chaired and participated in conferences such as BEIMUN, DCMUN and BERMUN.

Specify the steps you undertook in order to become where you are today? What skills did you have to acquire?
I was a really shy middle-schooler when I first came to high school and I knew that in order to succeed, I had to change that to get rid of this habit. I joined the MUN club and it eventually became a natural process. After participating in THIMUN my urge to get involved had increased as a result of the amazing experiences that I’ve gained. In a way, I’ve found the thrill of the moment, during the conference, it’s a little addictive.

What are the ups and downs of being part of the executive team?
There’s a massive work load on top of all my other school work but its worth every minute spent, after hearing all the fascinating stories from everyone who participates. I honestly can’t wait for THIMUN 2014 to begin!

What are your most memorable moments of THIMUN?
First the overwhelming feeling of your first conference; you experience that feeling of being engulfed in a crowd of people but once you settle into your committees, it’s the knowledge that you’ll eventually get the hang of things, expressing your ideas and having others agree with you.
In addition, Chairing THIMUN last year was one of the most fascinating life-long experiences. I learnt so much through the conference and had gotten the opportunity to meet with so many people. What I noticed is that as chair it’s often that people become a little more expressive towards you, sharing their feelings and ideas and these are one of many factors which I’ve come to adore being Chair.

What future ambitions or goals do you have for once your THIMUN days are over? What is your next step?
I plan to go to university and apply for International Relations or environmental-related courses. The future, however, is far-fetched. Personally, I hope to work in the UN during some part of my life as it has been a childhood dream that I’m willing to pursue.

Any inspirational words to this year’s upcoming delegates?
“Be passionate, speak your mind and make the most out of this memorable experience.”

Interview by Shahd El Shafei
Photo credit: Upendo Kissai