Technology Is The Key to the Future

Article 7-Pic 7 Sustainable Technology

Environmental Sustainability is essential for a prosperous future. It is important because many of the resources used today are finite resources. They are important to our existence.

Technology is important in our lives now more than ever, we use technology from the second we wake up till the second we sleep; whether it be on our phones, televisions, laptops or music players. Technology is now used to do the simplest tasks.

Technology in Relation to Sustainability
Technology however is not often thought about in relation to sustainable development, we attribute most of today’s global warming and pollution to fuel technology whether it be to power our cars or to create electricity.

What is often overlooked is the potential that technology has to help with environmental sustainability. What if we were to create a form of technology that would have the same function as a traffic camera – a technology that would measure the usage of power for certain companies and factories and would alert the government if the law was broken?

Another example could be a form of technology that measures the amount of toxic waste in water, this again would alert the government and help enforce laws. Overall allowing us to better preserve our environment.

Sustainable Technology on a Large Scale
A way in which technology can be used for sustainable development is creating new technology that would allow for more efficient use of finite resources. As suggested by William C. Clark and Nancy M. Dickson from the article “Sustainability science: the emerging program” as published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website.

For example, if a water intensive company were to create a technology that would allow them to ration their water usage, we could preserve more water and therefore sustain water for a longer period of time. This would obviously not allow for much of a difference if one company were to make this change, but a global scale this could be difference of having water for another 10 or more years. This not only will be more sustainable but it would allow the company to use less money.

Water is becoming more and more expansive and if companies and factories were to ration their water usage they could save money. This same technology can be used to be sustainable for companies who are fossil fuel intensive.

Often when thinking about sustainability we think of our finite resources but our environment is just as important as preserving our finite resources. Technology is the key to a prosperous future, our global resource/environment crisis and the quicker we act on this opportunity the quicker we can resolve this global issue.

By: Amin Ahmed
Photo by: Krisztian Pulics