A New Approach

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Sustainability: The theme of THIMUN Qatar’s 2014 conference could not be more prevalent in today’s society. One of the main concerns of the UN is the introduction of laws for sustainable development as the laws implemented must abide with the views of current governments. The Millenium Development Goals are a group of goals that tackle problems facing LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Countries), set to be achieved by 2015. One of these goals is to successfully set the basis of sustainable development for the world’s developing nations. But how attainable are these ideals?

Sustainability in Action

The definition of sustainable development is the ability to meet the current needs of a developing country in a way that takes into account the environmental, social and economical impacts. In 1980, the International Union for the Conservation of Natural Resources (IUCN) published the World Conservation Strategy (WCS). This strategy aimed to achieve the reduction of poverty and the conservation of nature while stressing the importance of development with environmental stability in mind.

With 91% of the Amazon experiencing deforestation according to BBC’s Bruce Parry’s Amazon series,Brazil is a major player in the case of environmental concern. However, the Brazilian government has taken the initiative to decrease its environmental damage by educating the public on green living. The delegate of Brazil has been quoted to say that ‘on the case of development, the country is currently focused on sustainable initiative as well as tackling social factors such as obesity in the process.’

Unsustainable Circumstances

Although the UN is looking to implement these strategies elsewhere in the world, governments as well as UN officials face the problem of uncontrollable natural disasters which most often cause a halt in sustainable development. As countries are recently seeing an increase in unnatural occurrences of extreme climate changes, the UN is constantly on a hot seat of discussions. In early 2013, a list of new strategies concerning ‘Post-2015’ developments was published, focusing on combating uncontrollable disasters and its results such as widespread loss of lives and crop lands in LEDC’s.

Sustainable Development is as ever changing as society itself. Could this be the next step forward or do the delegates have a lot more to discuss?

By Vanlee Trindade
Photo By Aya Ibrahim