Food, Glorious Food

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“What should I be looking forward to?” This should be the question on aspiring diplomats’ minds at the 2014 THIMUN Qatar Conference. Some would answer the opportunity to meet other like-minded people who are visiting from around the world to attend. Others may point to the excitement that comes in debating political and global issues with people one has never met before, and achieve the closest thing to the United Nations experience.

However, when asking Vanlee Trindade on what she believed was the best part of participating in THIMUN 2013, only two words were heard; “The food!”

The Press Team reporter went on further, complimenting the catering staff- “[the] custard was divine. It deserves all the awards.” Upon asking her to clarify which awards she was referring to, Trindade simply elaborated with, “All of them. Every reward.”

Internationalize your tastebuds

Indeed, the catering staff has worked hard in order to provide all participants of the conference in Qatar this year with as much gastronomic delight as possible. The dining given at last year’s conference supported THIMUN’s aims to bring together delegates from around the world, with a different cuisine from a different country being provided every day.

Hopefully, this year’s conference will grant us all with just as much indulgent cooking as it will with diplomatic resolutions. And custard.

By: Sara Sarwar
Photo By: Luma Mansi