QMUNITY Guru: How to Win Over Your Chair

Greetings delegates! Welcome to the first day of THIMUN Qatar. The Guru knows that this is a very exciting time for all of you young grasshoppers, but don’t forget to maintain your professionalism. Here’s some advice from your very own Chairs on how to become the delegate of their dreams. Win their hearts with these simple tricks:

Be courteous- no one likes a pompous delegate. “You shouldn’t try to be annoying. Otherwise the chairs will not pick you to speak” (Jamal Al-Ani, President of Disarmament Commission).

Be professional but don’t forget to enjoy your time here. “Just relax and have fun” (Mohammed Naimi, Deputy President of Environment Commission)

Socialize! Chairs love it when delegates interact with them. “I love it when delegates approach me outside of the committee room. I love interacting with them in a different setting” (Safa Hayalee, President of Environment Commission).

Take initiative. Don’t let chairs spoonfeed you and just generally, “Don’t be clingy” (Ahmed Hayalee, President of Security Council).

You’ve done the research haven’t you? Go up there and show them what you’re made of. “Intelligence is definitely an admirable trait” (Anna Rancic, Deputy President of Security Council).

Now go forth young grasshopper and follow the enlightened path of our twitter and instagram page.

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Photo By Annabel Diong