The Rise of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Who is Abdel Fattal al-Sisi?
Born in 1955, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi graduated from the Egyptian Military Academy four years after the end of the Egypt-Israeli War in 1973. Since then, Mr. Sisi has risen in ranks to Lieutenant General and has recently entered the run for presidency.

The Quick Rise
After the former president Mohamed Morsi was protested against until he abdicated, a fascination with Abdul Fattah al-Sisi began to form. Overnight, Mr. Sisi became Egypt’s most powerful figure. On July 3rd 2013, international news showed millions of Egyptians flooded the streets yelling chants of “Sisi has always been my president” in hopes of Abdul Fattah replacing Morsi as president.

Dreams or Destiny?
The World Time reports al-Sisi describing his dreams, “I saw President Sadat, and he told me that he knew he would be President of Egypt, so I responded that I know I will be President too.”

Branching Away
Other perspectives were gathered at the 2014 THIMUN Qatar Conference, such as the delegate of Uruguay in GA3: “Uruguay doesn’t support having al-Sisi as president as he carries similar traits to Hosni Mubarak. We believe that Egypt needs to branch away from its past crisis.”

A Heated Trial
Mohammed Morsi recently attended a court trial on Tuesday 28th of January. Mena news agency reports that Mr. Morsi was taken to the court in Cairo. Reporting from the scene, Marwa Nasser noted on the BBC that Mr. Morsi raised his voice and said “I am the president of the republic, how can I be kept in a dump for weeks?” The trial was heated as Mohamed Morsi continued to question the judge. The trials will continue.

Is this the right decision to guide Egypt to success? And what will happen to former president Mohammed Morsi?

By Heba El Zoheery
Photo By Yeon Hwang