Around the World in 60 mins

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THIMUN Qatar is renowned for its diversity in nationalities. I took to the QNCC halls to find out about the most memorable experiences of international delegates. Being a press team member, the white shirt seems to stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of black suits, and it’s a much harder job distinguishing the delegates.

What Did You Enjoy Most About the Conference?

After wading through a crowd, I managed to find a sophomore from Abu Dhabi who stated, “I really like my topic and being up at the podium answering questions really pumps me with adrenaline.” And, as any THIMUN delegate will proclaim, the most memorable part is the number of friends you make. I guess I’m no exception, I think I’ve just made a friend.

How Did You Spend Your Time in Qatar?

I was also curious to find out what wonders a country of culture had in store for our international crew. A delegate from Nigeria gazed into the lights above as he described a desert safari as a “beautiful and amazing experience”.

Another told me about their “exciting” trip to Souq Waqif. Naturally, I was amazed at how enthusiastic the delegates were and was reminded that Doha residents like myself can take our surroundings for granted. Unfortunately for many, the THIMUN Qatar experience ends with a trip to the airport. Although, by the looks on everyone’s face, I think delegates are looking forward to slipping into eternal slumber.

For those of you who are going to be here for a few more days, be sure to check out the Museum of Islamic Art for a blast of culture from the past and Katara for a beautiful view. And most importantly, don’t miss the chance to try some shawarma and karak from the locally famous Tea Time Cafe.

As we say goodbye to THIMUN Qatar 2014, we look forward to being host to an even larger variety of nationalities at THIMUN Qatar 2015!

By Vanlee Trindade
Photo By Aya Nassif