Feeling… Awkward… Turtle

You’re Not the Only Awkward Turtle

Surely by now, you’ve experienced some awkward moments at QNCC. You may have forgotten how to say hi to people. You roamed around both the top and bottom floor to find your room, and the only thing that got you talking was the fact that you couldn’t find your rooms. You felt obliged to ask either the Admin or Press team, but hey, bravo for that.

You may have felt intimidated when lobbying. While the delegate of (insert country here) may have thrown around fancy words, you could’ve felt slightly intimidated, or even overly intimidated and decided you were going to keep quiet for the entire three days. Don’t.

Fear No More, Awkward Turtle is Near

Put aside all the ‘what if’s’ and say, ‘Hi’ to the next person you see, because you never know, there might be another awkward turtle sitting right next to you. After asking a few delegates about their awkward moments at THIMUN Qatar, here’s what they said:

Deputy Chair of GA3, Saad Khan describes an awkward moment that happened two years ago, “I wrote a pickup line to a girl once, and the chair found out and made me come up to the podium and actually read the pickup line to the whole committee. It was a good start, but a bit embarrassing.”

Now you know for sure, you’re not alone.

It’s Never Too Late

Zohaq Syed, also Deputy Chair of GA3 gives his advice on being more social “Don’t be afraid to send notes to anyone, basically be yourself and people will like you for that, and they’ll approach you.”

Although you may be reading this on the last day of the conference, I challenge you to say ‘Hi’ to three new people. After all, three is the magic number (says Awkward Turtle).

By Heba El Zoheery
Photo By Aya Nassif