Guns Aren’t the Only Weapons in War

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When it comes to striving for victory, governments have been gone to great lengths to gain the upper-hand in battle. Unfortunately, over the years nations have found themselves unable to combat all forms of war.

In attempts to threaten and achieve superiority over the opposing side, armies have used terror on civilians since ancient times. Actions such as ransacking the villages, assaulting women, killing the men, and burning houses have been undertaken over the years in times of war.

In 2011, The Guardian reported on Muammar Gaddafi’s alleged war crimes after files held by his government were revealed. The files in question supposedly held content proving that he had ordered for the killing of innocent civilians during the Libyan civil war. This was soon followed by the suspicions of the International Criminal Court, who did not get the chance to arrest Gaddafi as he was assassinated soon after the report.

How Has the UN Helped?

The United Nations Security Council, realizing the ethical issues that comes with abuse of civilians in times of war, adopted resolution 1820 on the 19th June 2008. This resolution demanded the “immediate and complete cessation by all parties to armed conflict of all acts of sexual violence against civilians”. The resolution also recognized that women and children are predominantly targeted in acts of sexual abuse, as well as certain groups who are attacked for their ethnicity or religion, an example being the Rwandan Genocide, when ethnic Tutsis of Rwanda were targeted.

THIMUN Qatar’s Goals

In this year’s THIMUN conference, the delegates of General Assembly 1 hope to achieve a resolution on the matter of protecting civilians in modern warfare with the discussion being headed by Security Officer of the issue, Damon Stone. Stone delivered his thoughts on the issue, and aspects of the resolutions presented so far.

“ . . . Assaults could be prevented through educating the public and bringing offenders to the International Criminal Court,” he shared. “We also brought up the solution of educating civilians on what they would have to do in the instance of war, and implement more war-free zones.”

It is hoped that THIMUN Qatar will soon reach a solution on the matter, bringing peace and shelter to the civilians of countries already in enough peril.

By Sara Sarwar
Photo By Luma Mansi