Hundreds of Delegates, 3 Days, 1 Conference

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It’s the final day of THIMUN Qatar 2014 and while most of us are exhausted, delegates just can’t help but admit how exciting it has been.

Age Is Just a Number
One thing that was difficult not to notice throughout the conference is the wide range of ages. During the event, delegates as young as 13 years old were confidently interacting with delegates as old as 19. Don’t judge me, but if I was still 13 and an 18 or 19 year old walked up and spoke to me, I would be extremely nervous; you’d know from my shaky voice and twitching hands.

Dania Dibaje, a delegate from the Disarmament Commission, stated, “compared to the older delegates, it’s very admirable to see how passionate the 13 year olds are about MUN.” That just goes to show that THIMUN Qatar becomes bigger and better every year.

Lesson Learned
It’s inevitable that the delegates will learn something -whether it’s about world issues or how to speak in public. For instance, Teyseer Al-Jailee from HRC2 learned more about “the community and social policies that are difficult for the government to fix”, whereas Yahya Kayyali from HRC1 “gained a little bit more self esteem.” And, finally, Dania is “inspired by the international delegates who are well-trained” and hopes “to be like them one day.” It’s pretty rare to find students who have the ability to influence other students, THIMUN Qatar provides that opportunity.

That Sass
Moreover, some delegates, like Disarmament Commission’s Ahmed Al-Hajari, wish that THIMUN Qatar could be “more than 3 days long to debate resolutions.” However, it seems to me that most delegates usually just look forward to passing distracting notes to one another during debates (I know because I’ve done it).

Speaking of hilarious incidents, Ahmed revealed that a delegate suggested “a way to end cyber attacks is to teach everybody else how to cyber attack.” Furthermore, Azza Abdullah unveiled that another delegate walked up to the podium and said, “this resolution is so amazing, I’m going to take a selfie with it!” and snapped a photo.

Overall, I think I can speak for everyone and say that THIMUN Qatar 2014 was an unforgettable experience.

By Faissal Darwish