Penny for the Executives’ Thoughts?

Have you ever wondered what the job of the Executive team is? Jokingly, Caroline Nunn, Head of Press, stated, “our goal is to make sure the conference runs smoothly while the directors sit back!” With that said, it’s time to look into what some of the Executives have to say about THIMUN Qatar 2014.

Likes and Dislikes
Since the team supervises the conference, it’s pretty interesting to look into what the members think about the conference. Wessam Kanes, Secretary General, likes “the international aspect as it attracts people from all over the world.” However, Felix Schmidt, Head of IT, dislikes “the amount of walking” each day requires. Noor Ahmed, Deputy Secretary General, disagrees with Felix and argues that “walking is beneficial for exercise.” Delegates, whose side are you on?

International Love
THIMUN Qatar is one of the largest high school conferences that the Middle East , but there is a lot more to it than its size. Caroline believes that this conference takes place in “the best venue” because its facilities provide a “professional” atmosphere. This is why schools from Spain, Nigeria, and many more travel across the globe: it provides a sense of authentic UN meetings, or at least that’s what Numair Mujeeb, President of the General Assembly, thinks.

Expect Only The Best
We have the highest expectations of THIMUN Qatar 2014, but we know it’s not just the setting that makes the conference captivating — it’s also the participants! Considering that Numair is in charge of most events, he “anticipates the Plenary Session and the Closing Ceremony” as he revealed that they will be “amazing!” Humourously, Caroline is looking forward to the conference’s last day because she can finally “get a good sleep” without worrying about being on time the next day. Felix hopes to “move technology forward within the conference and implement different, more efficient systems,” even though this year’s technological systems, like “iPads in the Security Council,” were impressive.

Are You Qualified?
If you’re interested in playing the role of an Executive in the future, there are some skills that you must exhibit! We asked the team what qualifications they recommend, and the common suggestions were: “leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, and of course, patience!” Additionally, to be an adequate leader, Wessam suggests that you to be “fair, but firm” with your colleagues because it’s the only way to properly organize an event.

It’s Worth It!
Conclusively, Wessam is expecting “a successful and memorable conference” because the Executive Team has been “planning this for a very long time and has worked very hard so we want everyone to benefit from it!” To participants: Caroline also advises you to always “work hard and keep pushing yourself because something good will always come out of it!”

Interview with the Executive Team by Faissal Darwish
Photo by Yasmin Majali