QMUNITY Guru: Let’s Hang Out

Namaste. It is I, the QMUNITY Guru, here to guide you down the enlightened path of THIMUN Qatar. I know you have all been busy debating resolutions, but now it’s time for you to show your social side. Why not visit some of QNCC’s best hangout spots?

1. The reflection pool is always a good spot to “find” oneself…as well as some new friends.
2. The QNCC cafe may be expensive, but the cost of a new, long-lasting friendship is priceless.
3. It sounds weird, but the bathroom is always a good place to meet people while they’re freshening up. (Don’t forget to take some selfies. The lighting in there is amazing!)
4. Share some funny stories and talk about the latest QMUNITY issue around environmentally friendly water coolers.

For more socializing, visit our twitter and instagram accounts as well as our website.

Go forth young grasshopper and make friends!