Sum up your THIMUN Qatar experience in one word…or sentence.

“ Lame, I got a message saying “ Are you a parking ticket cause you got fine written all over you”” – Salma Yousif (ECOSOC)

“ Helpful and educative” Mickayla (ECOSOC)

“Fruitful” – Shazeb Bhatti (GA2)

“Filled with feistiness and sass” – Aden Tedla (ECOSOC)

“Chill” – Saad Al Mana (GA5)

“Good Food” – John (GA5)

“Spectacular” – Abbas (GA5)

“Amazing and worth the wait” – Adeel Ahmad (GA5)

“Mind Blowing” – Faiz (GA3)

“Productive and engaging” – Rifad Lafir (HRC2)

“Fun” – Basil Abdulmonem (HRC1)

“Challenging!” – Hessa Al Kubaisi (Press)

“It’s like home”- Raghad Al Sulaiti (Press)

By Amin Ahmed
Photo By Jeneane Jaber