Tangled in the Web

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Cyber Attacks
As our world grows, we depend on technology to a large degree. Technology has made our lives much easier.

But, technology isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, this dependability has led to the sabotage of one’s safety and privacy.

Cyber attacks are considered an act of terrorism. Such people can hack any government system and obtain information that should be protected.

Three Main Factors

Fear Factor
Cyber attacks create a very fearful and tense environment. If citizens don’t feel safe when they are online, how can they feel safe in their own society?

Spectacular Factor
Cyber attacks can also cause negative publicity. An example would be the cyber attacks that occur for most banks in America including, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan, U.S. Bancorp. Wells Fargo’s website was hit by a cyber attack. “We’ve seen an unusually high volume of website traffic which we believe is a denial of service attack.” This was said by a Wells Fargo spokesman, as reported by FOX Business.

Vulnerability Factor
This factor elaborates on how vulnerable a government can be to cyber attacks. Governments fear the state of the economy and responses of the people. What governments fear most is losing citizens’ trust by explaining the simple methods criminals use to steal information.

Fear or not to fear?
Technology has become much easier to access and to use. We include our names, emails, sometimes our countries on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Should we fear the power that an individual has over a click of a button?

By Hessa Al- Kubaisi
Photo By Aya El-Husseini