The Beginning of a Journey

An Electrified Setting

Hundreds of delegates rush through the double doors with excitement for the upcoming days. Their chitter-chatter fills the room as they carve their path towards seats with the best possible view of the stage.

Dressed in velvet red and shimmering black, American School of Doha’s orchestra, conducted by Robert Kerbs and Jim Kulpe, play a range of dramatic yet harmonic symphonies along with the melodious singing of the choir, directed by Mark Seay.

In contrast to the stage setting, the remains of the room were suspended with the different shades of blue; creating a calm and serene tone to the auditorium.

An Inspired Audience

It took Numair Mujeeb, President of the General Assembly, a couple of attempts to succeed in taming the audience’s excitement.

After introducing himself and the Deputy Presidents Maha Al Suwaidi to his right, and Nimah Siddique to his left, he called on the Secretary General, Wessam Kane. Some of her most inspiring words uttered were “advancement, innovation and change” — three major ideals achieved at the very podiums where debates are sparked and the very rooms where resolutions are discussed.

Next under the limelight came Rob Sherwin, Chairman of one of THIMUN Qatar’s most generous sponsors, Shell. He came to wish the delegates luck and to share his belief in the “leadership development and character building” that the conference plants in the younger generation.

Mr. Cameron Janzen, Head of THIMUN Qatar, began his speech with appreciation of the efforts shown by all directing members and participating delegates. Mr Janzen then shared with the audience about what triggered his infinite passion for Model United Nations. It was an interest that began with the ancestral roots. Mr. Janzen’s grandparents’ journey from the Netherlands to Ukraine to Canada, their losses along the way and how a Canadian couple helped them settle into a new country are reasons why Mr. Janzen is here today.

An Optimistic Start

At the strike of the gavel, applause with all due dedication, anticipation and respect, the delegates are looking forward to the glories that await them in the following days of the conference.

Lets hope the strike of the gavel marks not just the start of a conference but the beginning of a productive, peaceful and sustainable journey.

By Shahd Elshafei
Photo By Aya Nassif