The Lonely Reusable Water Bottle

On day one of THIMUN Qatar 2014, all delegates were given a reusable water bottle, in line with this year’s Sustainability Theme. Whilst I listened to the debates in different committee rooms, I was surprised by some of the comments I heard. During one break a delegate asked a chair “May I go buy some water from the café?” The chair replied, “but you have water available here, and a water bottle.” She insisted on buying a water bottle and left.

Are we missing the entire purpose of the red THIMUN water bottles? Here are some reasons why you should stick to using environmentally friendly water bottles:

Global Ionization notes, “it takes three times the volume of water to manufacture one bottle of water, than it does to fill it.”

“Next time you pick up a bottle of water, imagine it filled ¼ with oil. That’s how much fossil fuels it took to manufacture it!”

Using reusable water bottles cuts down on oil consumption as plastic is made from oil.

Having one water bottle to reuse also saves you time from making countless supermarket trips and a ton of money.

Has buying water bottles become the new Starbucks? Does it make us feel cool?

We find out by asking delegates if they really did use the THIMUN Qatar water bottles.

Dhikshitha Gokul, one of the delegates from the Environmental Commission, “I used the water bottles and it made it easier because you can just refill it.” When asked if she bought any bottles from the cafe, she said she didn’t need to.

She added, “I’d take it home and continue to use it.”

Will you continue to use eco-friendly water bottles, and if you haven’t yet, will you start?

By Heba El Zoheery
Krisztian Pulics