The Typical Undergraduate Major — Making Your Own Decisions

The Typical Majors

We all have friends who want to major in engineering, business, and medicine. These are just a few of the typical majors students lean towards when applying to university. These are all worth careers, but I can’t help but feel that most of the people graduating from high school want to major in the same fields.

We’re Convinced Otherwise
There is always that one top academically achieving student who’s been on the debate team since grade 6, thoroughly enjoys history, and wants to major in political science. I mean, that makes sense to me. And then there’s the guy who’s failing math, hardly getting by in physics, and claims to want to become an engineer. Despite being in love with sports since he first joined the basketball team in grade 3, he insists on the whole becoming a ‘money-making’ engineer thing.
Sometimes our true passions are visible to everyone around us, but they go straight over our heads. We’re too caught up in what we ‘should’ study, instead of what we really want to.

How do we make our final decision? Will our choices really be a perfect fit —
or will we choose the job we think makes more money?

Before Choosing Your Major
An article titled “10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Major” from the online resource ‘Scholarship’ discusses how students should consider their passions, the earning potential of their interest, the work load, as well as talking to those who currently hold the job they’re considering. This way, students are more likely to get a realistic view of what their future could look like.
Reporter of the Press Team Afif Haitsam says “I’m still confused as to what I want to study. I applied to three different majors. My parents always wanted me to become an engineer, but that was never my passion. They’re still finding it hard to accept what I want to do, which is politics and law.” He then adds “But still, my parents force me to study business, just in case, for financial security.” Even so, Afif plans to attend a liberal arts school and follow his passion.

What do you want to study, and most importantly, why?

By Heba El Zoheery
Ben Newton-McGrath