UNified in Contest

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The Security Council of THIMUN Qatar’s 2014 conference are facing an increase in international terrorism and the threat posed to innocent civilians. As the hopeful delegates engaged in their first session, the members managed to successfully construct and pass a resolution.

Targeting the Heart of the Issue

While keeping in mind that ‘terrorism cannot and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group,’ the delegates coined a list of strategies that targets the root of terrorism as well as devising propositions to combat the increase in terrorist activity. One such clause is to “Implement training to CTITF of different member states counter-terrorism strategies” in an attempt to unite members in a cause while equipping nations with preemptive measures of protection. The delegate of China stated “there is no use in tackling terrorism with force, we believe in rooting out the main causes of terrorism starting at a lack of education causing civilians to become targets of manipulation.”


The point of unity and working cooperatively has been a major stressing point of the debate. The passed resolution encourages the collaboration of UNICEF and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in order to accomplish more in the provision of aid to citizens in poverty in areas of conflict. According to the UN document, Ban Ki-Moon stated that “Effective counter-terrorism requires a combination of social, educational, economic and political tools that target those factors that make the terrorist option appear attractive.” Thus, the committee has managed to take into consideration not only the issue of terrorism but the need to protect the lives of citizens.

THIMUN Qatar 2014 is successfully bringing together delegates as advocates of global issues while bringing to light the importance of unity.

strong>By Vanlee Trindade
strong>Photo By Aya Nassif