Youth: Caught On Camera

upedno kissai
Just Give Me A Reason
Rumor has it that Film Institute (FI) is gaining popularity due to positive feedback received from previous participants. Patrick Hogan said, “Being a delegate in previous conferences, I wanted to experience being in the Film Institute as many people have told me it’s beneficial.”

No Disadvantages

Amal Al-Muftah, Deputy Head of this year’s FI, stated “the experience will definitely broaden the contestants’ horizons on film-making”, and give them a taste of how real-world of online broadcasting functions.

Amal continued that members are provided with the chance to develop skills such as “team-work, communication, and editing films.” Not only does Amal claim participants”get the freedom to roam about,” but they also are able to interview people from visiting international schools. Amal knows “it will be interesting” to explore the mosaic of film topics.

Film Topic? I Almost Forgot To Spill!
Maryam Al-Khalifa revealed that institute’s central objective is to display how “youth can make a change through THIMUN Qatar.” Even though all members have the same objective, each participant brings unique perspectives and messages.

Patrick hopes to portray how “youth are the leaders of tomorrow,” whereas Nouf Al-Thani wants to illustrate that “youth are more capable of achievement beyond most expectations.” Furthermore, Israel Asmare would like to show how “diverse cultures come together to better the new generation.” After all, this is an international conference, isn’t it?

The participants in THIMUN 2014 wish each film candidate good luck as we look forward to settling into our seats with a bucketful of popcorn and an open mind.

Faissal Darwish
Photo By Upendo Kissai