On the Path to THIMUN Q 2015

This post is brought to you by Osama Ghani, Secretary General for the 2015 THIMUN Qatar Conference

Osama Ghani-Path to THIMUN Qatar photo

Sixteen hundred participants sounds like a lot. But the work that goes into these 1600 participants is much more than a lot. Since April, the THIMUN Qatar Executive team has been working hard and has hit the ground running. Our biggest recent achievement was the selection of student officers for the conference. While munching over pizza, we came up with a strict rubric of criteria that served us well during the selection process. One week to sort through and debate eighty-eight applicants. A number of meetings were held, until finally we were able to choose our selected forty-two. After evaluating just 88 applications, we were tired. I seriously started to wonder how college admissions officers sifted through piles ten times larger.

After selection, we begin the training stage. At this moment, the Executive Team is gearing up for the Qatar Leadership Conference. Here, our selected chairs will be subject to a 3-hour training programme.

The next victory was the assignment of delegations to various schools. Taking into account the preferences of a number of local and international schools simultaneously is quite a daunting task. Luckily, I was spared the actual task of assignment but rather looked over the draft assignments to fix out kinks.

The press, I.T. and administration teams have been working hard as well. The press team met recently to appoint members to the different organs of the press. I.T. will practice their skills at the Qatar Leadership Conference, in preparation for the THIMUN Qatar conference. Administration team has started considering applications and is using the Qatar Leadership Conference as a training ground.

New to THIMUN Qatar this year is the Special Committee in Arabic. THIMUN Qatar represents the growing needs of future leaders in the region. Arabic is the most widely spoken language in this region. After a good turnout at the Arabic MUN conference at Qatar Academy, THIMUN Qatar decided to introduce the SPC Arabic. If you’re interested in participating in THIMUN Arabic, make sure you let your MUN Director know so that you fill out the relevant form.

As February becomes ever closer, the Executive team turns to other pending issues. Speakers for opening ceremonies and committee sessions, the social night, student officer hoodies and organization of the opening and closing ceremonies just begin to skim the surface of a rather long and daunting to do list. However, I’m quite sure that this talented group of people will pull through.

See you at THIMUN Qatar on the 3rd-6th February, 2015!