Ready for the ride: #QLC14

Arsalaan Muhammad is the Secretary General of the third annual Qatar Leadership Conference (QLC). Arsalaan gives us a quick snapshot of what lies ahead.

This year's SG for the QLC, Arsalaan Muhammad
This year’s SG for the QLC, Arsalaan Muhammad




It’s that time of year again. As we advance towards the inauguration of another school year, we not only approach the whims of Shakespeare, or the philosophies of Pythagoras; we come to a crossroad where we have the fortune to take advantage of opportunities coming at a time in our lives where we can improve both our inter as well as intrapersonal skills. One such prospect is the third annual Qatar Leadership Conference. The Qatar Leadership Conference is largely a conference for those who want to refine their skills. These skills could come under an umbrella of items such as skill building (e.g. debating techniques, resolution writing, becoming a leader), organization, community and service, and even film and media! There will be over 100 workshops, which are designed to bring out the best in you! We have international as well as local presenters, both adult and students who will present a variety of workshops to help you not only become the best delegate possible, but to become a more complete person.

To shed some light on a few of our featured speakers, it would be best to start with discussing one of this years underlying themes for a few of our discussion panels: war and conflict. In our times, we are facing multi-layered predicaments. From the onslaught on Gaza, to the continuation of the Syrian civil war, we have seen society slowly fall to its knees. Keeping this in mind, we had the honor and privilege of inviting those who have withstood times of despair and agony, and who continue to tell their stories, with people such as Dr. Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi, a professor of international relations and diplomacy at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, Syed Ali Zahir Moulana, the chief broker for the 2004 peace deal between the Eastern Province Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government, as well Ben Keesey, the current Chief Executive Officer for the Invisible Children, Inc., known for the documentary KONY 2012 as well as their successes in raising over $70 million for its development programs in Central Africa. The aforementioned are a few of the many accomplished speakers who will be presenting at this years conference. We will have speakers who will discuss everything from debating techniques, to the process by which peace is made, to even discussing the current Palestine-Israel issue from those at the heart of the conflict!

As a 17-year-old senior at Qatar Academy, I will be serving as this conference’s Secretary General. My role in general is to provide participants the opportunity to get the best out of themselves, by ensuring that our conference runs as smoothly as possible. However I am not the alone on the job. I have a team that comprises of five very talented members, namely Tamim El Moatassem, Maha Al Kaabi, Temitope Akinade, Mohammed Fanzil Feroz and Nikita Coutinho, who will be serving as Deputy Secretary Generals, respectively. We have worked tirelessly, yet almost seamlessly to acquire dealings, from upgrading the capacity of this year’s conference, to bringing in only the finest speakers, our actions have been driven to ensure that participants go away with more than just the average experience. Our goal as executives is to serve you, the future leaders of tomorrow, with a platform of ideal workshops that you can thus build on to make you into the best that you can be.

This year’s conference is ensured to be an action packed escapade, and so I ask only one thing of you: expect high, and hopefully, by October 16th, you will be ready for the ride.