Razan Kahlout Sets her Trend

‘Lead by example’ started off Razan’s: Set Your Trend presentation. Focusing on the link between trend-setting and leadership and the importance of positive trends.

Razan El-Kahlout is a 16 year-old Palestinian student at Qatar Academy as well as an MUN enthusiast. Set Your Trend is her second presentation at the annual QLC. Along with sharing her MUN experience, Razan also aspires to become a surgeon.

The presenter made it clear that being a successful trendsetter depends on your ability to stand up for what you believe in and take risks.

Kahlout found these points very important to address to teenagers, since they have more time on their hands and have a larger influence on social media.

Although social media plays an important role in the spreading of trends, it is also important to develop close connections with the community and get them involved.