QLC-Afghanistan Initiative Launched

Peter Dalglish 3One development that came out of the  Qatar Leadership Conference was a collaborative initiative, using the OMUN platform, to connect MUN students in Qatar and around the world to students in Afghanistan.

In a joint statement by QLC Secretary General, Arsalaan Muhammad, and THIMUN Qatar 2015 Secretary General Osama Ghani, the initiative was announced to thunderous applause.  The statement read:

Arsalaan: One of the primary aims of the Qatar Leadership Conference is to forge connections among potential leaders in the region. In 2012, the QLC served as the hub for Directors who integrated Online MUN under the THIMUN banner.  This year, the QLC continues with this tradition.
Osama: This year, as a result of networking at the QLC, THIMUN Qatar is proud to announce that its first delegation from Kabul, Afghanistan, will be attending the 2015 conference. The delegation will comprise four talented students, 2 boys and 2 girls.
Arsalaan: This group of people will be trained by existing MUN students on an online
platform. I am proud to announce that Peter Dalglish, who by now is quite the renowned presented here at the QLC, will be leading this delegation as its Director.
Osama: This development affirms the role of THIMUN Qatar. We work as a hub for future leaders in the region. Our outreach manages to touch areas where the issues discussed in the conference are extremely relevant. The theme of this year’s conference is Middle East and North Africa. The inclusion of these Afghan delegates makes our work much more meaningful.
Arsalaan: Recently, THIMUN expanded to include a regional officer in Uruguay. One day,
hopefully, we will expect a regional conference and an office in Afghanistan.
Osama: We would like to thank Peter Dalglish for making this possible. I also have the honour of announcing that Mr. Dalglish will be presenting as the opening keynote speaker at THIMUN Qatar 2015.  Thank you

Congratulations to the following Qatar schools for having members on the inaugural QLC-Afghanistan Initiative: Mesaieed International School, Park House, Qatar Academy, Doha College, Dukhan, and Qatar International School. They are joined by students in Taiwan, South Korea, Canada, Curacao, the USA, India and China. We look forward to building off the energy and ideas generated by the third annual Qatar Leadership Conference, and welcoming students from Kabul to THIMUN Qatar 2015.